Peninsula Health is seeking to appoint new members to its Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC).  The primary role of the HREC is to promote ethically sound research at Peninsula Health, ensuring that participants are accorded appropriate respect and protection and to foster research that is of benefit to the community. 

We are seeking new members who are interested in contributing to this important Peninsula Health committee.  The Committee considers applications to conduct research from across the health service.


Specifically we are seeking:

  • Health Professionals with knowledge of, and current experience in, the professional care, counselling or treatment of people; for example, a nurse or allied health professional; (NHMRC 2007 updated 2018)


  • Researchers with current research experience that is relevant to research conducted at Peninsula Health.


  • A person to fill the Pastoral Care Role which is defined as a person who performs a pastoral care role in a community, for example, an Aboriginal elder, a minister of religion (NHMRC 2007 updated 2018). The Pastoral Care member is appointed because of their experience and involvement in community life and the expectation is that they would complement other opinions in the Committee about the way that people that they have worked with would accept and respond to proposed research (AHRECS 2020).


  • Laypeople who have no affiliation with the institution and do not currently engage in medical, scientific, legal or academic work (NHMRC 2007 updated 2018).


Role of Members:

Each member is responsible for deciding whether, in his or her judgement, a proposal submitted for approval meets the requirements of the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research (2007 updated 2018) and is ethically acceptable.  One third of members are required to be from outside Peninsula Health.  Orientation, training and support is provided.


Terms of Appointment:

Members will be appointed by for 3-year term and are eligible for re-appointment for a further term.



Meetings are held at Frankston Hospital or on-line on the third Wednesday of each month (except for January) at 16:00.  Members can choose to participate in a roster requiring attendance every second month.



Expressions of Interest should be made via e-mail to Lee-Anne Clavarino, Manager Office for Research ( and include a curriculum vitae or résumé

 Closing Date: Friday 15 July 2022

For further details or to obtain a copy of the committee’s Terms of Reference please contact Lee-Anne on 9784 2679.