Goal setting is recommended in the stroke clinical guidelines for improving adherence to prescribed medication; undertaking lifestyle changes for secondary prevention; adjusting to altered functional and emotional abilities; and promoting community participation. The primary aim of this project was to develop and test a person-centred, manualised approach to help people with stroke set well-structured secondary prevention and recovery goals as part of comprehensive discharge care planning.

Funded by a Heart Foundation Vanguard Grant and based on preliminary research on unmet survivor needs, we developed a menu-based goal setting tool supported by a comprehensive clinician, training program and recording templates. Input from an expert panel of researchers and clinicians (N=15), as well as consumers, was provided. Early iterations of the package were field tested at Peninsula Health and then further refined with the expert panel. Subsequently, the reliability and quality of patient goals developed using the package, in acute and subacute settings at Peninsula and Alfred Health, were assessed. Outcomes from this project have provided, materials to support a large NHMRC funded trial and aspect of this work will support the implementation of the new Comprehensive Care Standards at Peninsula Health. Subsequent funding was also obtained from the CRE in Stroke Rehabilitation to develop a supplement suitable for use with people with aphasia.

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