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Circulating Tumour DNA Analysis Informing Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Stage III Colon Cancer: A Multicentre Phase II/III Randomised Controlled Study. (Trial Phase 2/3)

Trial Name: DYNAMIC-III  PI: Dr Zee Wan Wong

Who can take part:

  • Patients with curatively resected stage III (any T, N1-2, M0) colorectal cancer
  • Patients with rectal cancer will be eligible unless they have had pre-operative combined chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Exclusion criteria:

  • Has a history of another primary cancer within the last 3 years, with the exception of non-melanomatous skin cancer and carcinoma in situ
  • Patients with multiple primary colorectal cancers
  • Patients treated with neoadjuvant chemo-radiation

For further information please contact Nathan – 03 9784 8562

Trial Phase

Non-drug Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4